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published12/05/19 07:00:00AM

Welcome to Musicians Exchange™

Musicians Exchange is a global community with an eye on incredible talent. It features digital music & video distribution, classified ads, and global opportunity for the musician, artist, band, videographer, producer, writer, and others. Here you can upload and download mp3, mp4, wmv and other media files. Additionally, you can sell your music CD, video DVD, album, record, and song. Also, you can post news about your music, shows, and more...

The Musicians Exchange began June 1, 1976 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as a brick and mortar complete complex of musical services and products. Outdoor concerts in the back parking lot were some of the first in the SE US to give original music indie bands a stage. It also was a welcome venue for national touring recording artists. From inception to 1996, The Musicians Exchange played host to over 1500 musical acts.

Although the original physical complex is no longer, we invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to use our global resources today!

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The key difference between a free member and a free artist account is the ability to upload media (songs and videos). So, if you own a restaurant and just want to be a part of our community without uploading media, all you need is a member account. It can always be upgraded later by contacting us. However, if you are a producer, licensed agent, recording engineer, recording studio, rehearsal studio, venue, festival, or other industry professional and want to showcase your works, an artist account is more appropriate. The choice is yours. Review the features of each account below to determine which account works best for you! All accounts are governed by our terms of service accessible by clicking the hyperlink in our footer. Registration is free and no credit card information is required! You can post any style of music provided you own or control all rights . Benefits of Artist...
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