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Golden Boy (Fospassin) is the best artist in the world and the ultimate singer/songwriter for the 21st century music lover. Great artist, he is a hero in pop music and the new way hip hop with world music. Originally, he incorporates a wide range of influences that makes his songs unique. Surrounded by energy, emotions and people from all over the world, Golden Boy (Fospassin) is bringing to the world something hot for people to forget their worries, while his lyrics stir the deepest universal emotions. Tight rythmes, great chorus and excellent productions brought his music at the top level of arts and entertainment.

Great composer and entertainer,Golden Boy (Fospassin) has been awarded 10 times in 2 years.His music is a fusion of hip hop,dancehall,world,pop,alternative and reggae.He has released 45 albums now available on itunes,amazon,napster,emusic,rhapsody and all the major stores.Enjoy the new way hip hop

Thanks to all the stations who are playing Golden Boy (Fospassin) the best artist in the world.


Bob Marley,Michael Jackson,2Pac,Kanye West,Akon,Nkodo Sitony


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