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About Dr Bob Agnew


Dr. Bob’s musical career spans over six decades, with early expertise on trumpet, tenor sax, and strings, and by high school, Bob was composing for the 90 piece school orchestra. By the early 60’s, Bob attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, and was soon performing in college concerts as a jazz pianist. In the mid-60s, while in grad school, Bob worked at Pepper Sound in Memphis as a jingle writer. A year or so later, Dr. Bob met and established a close relationship and friendship as music/theory tutor to Jaco Pastorius. That relationship spawned music history when Jaco exploded onto the world’s jazz fusion scene.

Dr. Bob’s music draws from his vast experiences and varied careers as Vietnam Era USAF Captain, teacher, eye doctor, US Coast Guard Sea Captain, tennis champ, and father….enriching his soul and compassion, expressed here in this unique musical collection. His music is not of any particular generation....It's simply his music, with all instrumental parts created and crafted by him alone. He simply asks that you enjoy his music during your "quiet time".

Now, a word of Caution:  Dr. Bob's music is not for everyone, especially rockers & rappers. Those folks should avoid listening at all costs, since one exposure would cause total chaos:  You would give up drugs and gangs, go back to grade school, begin to respect your parents (if you can find them), start music lessons, and turn yourself into the authorities for your long criminal past....and plead stupidity!  Like I said....total chaos!


Miles, Evans, Oscar, Metheny, Monty, Four Freshmen, Basie, Ellington, Berstein, Debusey, Bach....you know, all the slow-learners!


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