Artist or Member Account?

The key difference between a free member and a free artist account is the ability to upload media (songs and videos). So, if you own a restaurant and just want to be a part of our community without uploading media, all you need is a member account. It can always be upgraded later by contacting us. However, if you are a producer, licensed agent, recording engineer, recording studio, rehearsal studio, venue, festival, or other industry professional and want to showcase your works, an artist account is more appropriate. The choice is yours. Review the features of each account below to determine which account works best for you!

All accounts are governed by our terms of service accessible by clicking the hyperlink in our footer. Registration is free and no credit card information is required! You can post any style of music provided you own or control all rights .

Benefits of Artist Accounts

  • Free Website [8 songs (100 MB) + 2 videos (100 MB) = 200 MB Total)]
  • Free Friendly URL "http://Musicians.Exchange/yourbandname"
  • Free Control Panel - You can change your info, songs and video anytime.
  • Free to Upload your Songs and Videos
  • Free Store Front to Sell Your Hard Products (T-shirts, CDs, etc.) - PayPal account required.
  • Use the popular MP3 format for streaming and downloading audio files.
  • Use the MP4 format for streaming and downloading your video files.
  • Free Web Radio - Set up your own web radio station to play your songs over the internet.
  • Free TV Station - Set up your own tv channel to play your videos over the internet.
  • Free Photo Gallery
  • Free Classified Ads (i.e. find a gig, post a gig, etc.)
  • Free Event/Concert Promotion
  • Free Blog
  • Free Fan Club and Newsletter Management
  • Ranking System - Create lists of your most played songs, best friends, etc.
  • Extensive Statistics – Get up to the minute stats on your site 24/7. Full Song, Radio and Page statistics keep track of what your fans are looking at and listening to. This includes detailed daily statistics on the number of plays your songs have received.
  • Advanced Charts - Track the daily movement of songs by total plays (streams + downloads), streams only, downloads only, as well as charting within the songs genre!
  • Artist and Song Ratings - Allow visitors to your site to vote on what’s the best, then use the results to build detailed rankings!
  • Video Charts - The Video Charts track the daily movement and popularity of videos!
  • Fans - Members can signup to be a "Fan" of an Artist.
  • Artist Mailer - Your Artist accounts can send out mailings to Fans.
  • Search - Search by Band, User, Station, Store Item or Song!

Benefits of Member Accounts

  • Free Web Site
  • Free Friendly URL "http://Musicians.Exchange/yourbandname"
  • Free Control Panel - You can change your info anytime.
  • Free Blog
  • Free Web Radio - create your own radio station from our content.
  • Free TV Channels - create your own channel from our content.
  • Free Classified Ads
  • Free - Review Artists' Music and Videos
  • Free - Rate Artists Music, Videos and Pictures
  • Support Artists

Commercial Features

  • Online Store - Our Online Store service is NON-EXCLUSIVE. List your digital sale items anywhere else in the world with our blessing. At this site, you can sell downloadable items. All sales, stats, etc. are available 24/7 in your own control panel. Online payments are via PayPal, so you need to have your own PayPal account. Payment will be made direct to your PayPal account when your balance exceeds $50. Our customary 50% fee applies to any and all digital sales.
  • Banner Ads - Rates available upon request.
  • Featured Video and Artist Placement - Rates available upon request.


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