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Live The Dream Baby

user image 2008-03-02
By: RandeeMcLee
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That was what I head mostly from the drummer from the last tour I was on last year. "Live the dream baby". And that i did...I was very blessed to be travelling all over the US and europe playing big rock shows that I could only have dreamed of a s a kid..and which iI did.

We played all over the US, France, Belgium, Finland and Denmark with a stop in Norway. Saw some great places, rocked some great halls and venues and met some wonderful people...and oh yeah, ate some awesome food!!!!


I got back to the states and realised that I  had Unfinished business that was important to me to sink my teeth into,  so now I  have taken a sabbatical if you will from the touring schedule and reestablished some partnerships that were on hold to finish some music that had been sittinging the vault for an overdue amount of time. 

i found this site like I do all the other Music SNS's I am a member of to connect with the world and get the music out. Hope you enjoy...feel free to connect at anytime and i am always looking to hook with other like minded people who share the same goals, drives and determinations...pix will follow shortlty of the tours and studio sessions.




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