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An Introduction to my Socioeconomic Philosophy

user image 2012-01-08
By: KeyTarZ
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  My name is Rickey Lynn Spence jr.. I am a Human being. In order for me to  be healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually I need certain things  that are essential to all human beings. The most important of which are  Love, patience, forgiveness and understanding.   Lately I have been asked a question more and more often. "What are you doing?" I think we are asking this question because each of us are wondering to ourselves, "What am I doing?" I would  like  to answer by asking, "What are we doing?"  Not to long ago I found myself self in what seemed to be a hopeless situation. I felt so disconnected at  times because I was seeing the world and all the people I love, locked in a self destructing cycle yet we continue everyday to repeat the same behavior expecting a different result. We have become addicted to this way of life yet we are in denial. Though  I was completely aware of this, I thought I was the only one who wanted so desperately to get off this ride that inevitably stops at nowhere.  That's when I began to ask my self, "What if I did get Off this ride?" I would be alone. If I'm the only one who wants change then what's the point in changing? I am already disconnected and alone so why change. I had to decide for myself if I truly wanted to reconnect with the world I felt so much pain for , I would have to help change the world.  Before you read any further I want you to know this is not something I take lightly. This is not something that came to me in a dream or a sudden epiphany. I have been contemplating this for a very long time. Trying to figure out a way to present this in a manner that is comprehensible and hopefully beneficial to everyone. Please keep this in mind. I am not saying that I am right and the world is wrong. I am simply hoping I can share my perspective and be able to help build a better world we can all share and be happy and healthy in together.  Over the past several years I have been researching every aspect of existence I could, trying to at least get a grip on what life is meant to be. Everything from the sub atomic particles that our physical and nonphysical 11 dimensional hyper space consists of to the metaphysics of the psyche and the connections we all share as a collective unconsciousness. I have spent time listening to many people and have had an open mind to what they have said and I have tried to retain their wisdom and include their thoughts when considering my own. I always take into account that everything I do has consequences that are felt beyond my awareness.   Much of what I am saying has been said by many others in many different ways for as long as there have been two souls trying to understand one another. I am not alone. Right now, all around the world, there are people reaching out to embrace what I know we all feel in our hearts.  In order for us to move forward we must all be willing to be logical at times instead of emotional, to be humble rather than resentful, to listen rather than be heard and to love, always.   I am proposing we begin to move forward by first opening lines of communication. I know all of you are capable, passionate and intelligent enough  to add your own ideas and unique qualities to start building a structured system that can support all of us. I am asking you to put aside any differences and try to understand we have all been abused by a neglecting set of circumstances that was after all human in nature.  I am looking forward to everyone's feedback. Yes everyone's! That means you! No mater how you came to read this, Family, friend or just fellow human being, please take time to read and think about what I have said and share this with every one you can.  I have much more to say as I hope you do as well and will continue to help in any way I can.
 Love, Patience, Forgiving and Understanding, Rickey Lynn Spence Jr.,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        rickeylynnspencejr@facebook


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