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looking to start something

user image 2009-10-02
By: Mic Machete
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Hey everyone my name is Mike.
Looking to start a band that has awesome, mindblowing, chill, funky and trippy all over it.
Imagine the music of Al Green/Teddy Pendergrass/Bill Withers/any band that has a smooth groove to them with a dark/smooth/orgasmic feel to it and add spoken word lyrics over it that have a consciousness to them. I would love to do this because I have been writing lyrics for a while now and I know that they do not fit in a typical setting. I want to do something me and my bandmates can enjoy as well as something that makes people feel like having sex in an alteranate chaotic universe haha (maybe). I have been in bands before and understand the importance of practicing. I own a bass and am willing to contribute stuff to the band aside from lyrics. .
Here are a couple of ideas as to what i have in mind (but I'm not limiting it to. I want something thats dark, subliminal and seductive)


Lee Dorsey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lM7gcOu2zeE


anyone that is willing and wants to join me in this endeavor let me know and contact me I currenty am in college and want to take this places. I dont care if we have to collab over the internet and then meet up and then meet up i just want to get something going. My hopes are to get shows out of this band and go places. I want people that want to make good music and have fun doing it. I dont want people that are just straight up egotistical and want to control ****.

If you are curious about me here is my myspace. just to give you an idea of where i come from.


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